Monday, 20 January 2014

TV Drama analysis

Joe Howse
TV Drama representations.

Dexter is a TV drama that centres on a serial killer that is also a forensic scientist. In this scene he arrives at a crime scene where he finds a body that has been drained of all its blood. One of the shots used is a point-of-view shot looking up at him from the body, a possible reason for this shot is that it represents the helplessness of the victim and the power that Dexter has when compared to her. He is also shown in the centre of the shot highlighting his importance in the storyline. In addition to this we can see that he stares at the body without looking away when speaking to the other men, something that the other characters are able to do. This abnormal behaviour suggests that he is captivated by the murder.

In this scene the sergeant confronts Dexter in an aggressive manner, to which Dexter replies in a more casual and relaxed way, this suggests to the viewers that the sergeant’s negative attitude is not retaliated and that he has no reason to dislike Dexter. Jokes are also made by Dexter but he still retaliates seriously continuing to give orders. This scene is dedicated towards letting the audience know about the sergeant’s suspicions towards him. 

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