Saturday, 9 November 2013

Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2 Opening Sequence.

From the start of the film we see red text being used on a black background. This was used frequently in horror films during the 80's. In the opening titles the distributor is named first and the the producer is named second, after this the film names its cast starting with Eric Freeman. Ominous music is used in the opening sequence, from this music you can tell that it is either a horror or a thriller and it also tells you how old the film is. The name of the film is shown and a tilt is used to reveal the character Ricky Caldwell, while this is happening less important cast are named. The text is white with a black background to stand out against the hospital walls. This is a positive because the titles stand out but do not look out of place, an example of a film with titles that look out of place is Day Of The Dead (2008). In Day Of The Dead the titles are red on top of a shot of woodland greenery. This contrast of colours is unnecessary and looks bad. There is a gap between where the film names the cast and where the film names the people who are have more technical roles in the film such as creators of the music and the story. I find this to be useful because it breaks up the roles and allows for people to understand what kind of role they had in the film. Some people may find that this gap is too long and allows people to lose concentration of the titles. The producer and the director are mentioned last.

Ricky is in the centre of most of the shots and there are close ups on his face and hands. This tells us that he plays a main part in the film, I find that this is a negative because it gives this away too much and you can guarantee that he is the killer. A man enters the room, during the time he is in the room he doesn't take his eyes off him. When he does, Ricky opens a lighter and the man immediately turns round. This suggests that he is extremely dangerous and is unpredictable. This is a negative because there is very little mystery left in the character when considering that he has killed people without reason.

The opening titles are well ordered because it shows the cast first, this makes people appreciate the cast and acknowledge how plays a part in the film. The director and producer are last because they are usually known by the audience.


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