Friday, 21 March 2014

Props Used

Homemade Blood- We used this throughout the majority of our film, when combined with the red food colouring it proved effective at making realistic wounds. We found that on its own the blood was really faded and pick, so I came up with the idea of putting normal food colouring where the blood would be coming from.

Plastic sheets- This was used to make the setting look more like a crime scene, it was also helpful when clearing up the blood and making the blood stand out from the red floor. It was heavily inspired by TV shows such as Dexter and Breaking bad.

Masks- The masks we used were bought by Cam and came to a total of £12 excluding the flame mask which I already owned. These masks helped to improve my mise-en-scene and were used to keep the identity of the killer hidden.

suit- This was used to briefly show the background of the killer showing that he may be working in an office, he may be a sixth form student or he could just be wealthy. You will find that in a large amount films the killer will also wear a suit, an example of this is the film American Psycho.

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