Sunday, 9 February 2014

Maniac (2012) Opening Sequence

The film opens with illuminated text at the bottom of the screen, some of the text is brighter than the rest, this is to make the text look like street lamps. It allows the viewer to get a feeling of where the majority of the film will be set. A shot of Los. Angeles at night fades in, the camera tracks across and shows the inside of a vehicle, at this point the viewer understands that it is a POV shot as you are looking from the inside of the car. We can hear the main character breathing suggesting again that the film is in first person, in addition to this it shows that he is potentially dangerous. It then has a tracking shot of two women both in high heels and with their legs bare. When you combine this with his breathing, it makes the audience feel like they are hunting the woman themselves. This scene is the first part of the film that develops on the overall meaning of the film. Once you realize that you are viewing these women from the perspective of the man you soon understand that you are trapped inside a killer, much like the criminal himself.

The next few shots show the man following the woman in his van, she looks over her shoulder and starts walking faster once she spots the man following her. He then says 'I see you too' and once she falls over and runs off he says 'Okay, I know where you live Judy, see you later'. the camera then shows the rear view mirror and the criminals eyes are revealed. I like this scene because it shows that the woman is at serious risk and it also shows how dangerous this man is.

This then fades into another collection of POV shots of him driving, with the casts names appearing using the same effect as before. At this point ominous music cuts in and shows shots of Los. Angeles streets at night, focusing on the different parts of the nightlife. These are things like queues for clubs and groups of people socialising.

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