Thursday, 24 April 2014

AS Media Opening Rough Cut

Phillip Cullen AS Media: AS Media Opening Rough Cut.

This is the first problem you will notice about our film. We must change the fact that you can hear our voices, we will do this by adding our soundtrack in. Our soundtrack will be a guitar played backwards and slowed down. This adds a very sinister effect to our film, that will suit our genre well. Some of the background noises will be amplified and made hyper-real.

The main part we need to change with editing is the length of some of our shots. As you can see our opening sequence is 3:38 minutes long, meaning that we will have to cut out 1:38 minutes. We will do this by shortening some of the shots that seem to go on for too long and cut out some of the shots that are just retakes.Titles will also be needed in the final cut. Lastly the order of which some of the shots are in will need to be changed.

A shot of the masks that the killer has collected will be shown. This shot consists of 4 different masks being hung on the wall, some of these are suspended by the eye sockets.

The only problem we found regarding cinematography was the steadiness of some of the shots, this can only be helped by slowing down some of these shots therefore making the movements smoother.

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