Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Our opening sequence consists of a collection of distorted close ups of a crime scene. It starts with a blurred shot of the feet of a corpse, this shot moves up the legs finishing when it gets to his knees. The next shot shows the killer stepping into some blood and picking it up with his hands. This will cut back and forth between the killer and the corpse, showing blood stained clothing and plastic sheeting. There is a quick shot of the blood on the wall and will cut back to the body's arm where it will track upwards towards the shoulder. At this point there will be a shot of Cam smearing blood on the walls with his hands. Next will be Cam doing his tie and straightening it. This will then cut to Cam putting on his jacket and turning to face the camera with his mask on. Phil's face is then shown in a close up which will then pull out with his eye being in the center of the shot. The last shot will be of a cup of blood from below being stirred by a paint brush. Here is where the titles will be shown and will then fade to black.

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