Friday, 24 January 2014

Soundtrack Inspiration

The Decent has a soundtrack that suits Horror/Thriller films, is an orchestral song that slowly builds up.The soundtrack to The Decent matches the film and the events that happen thorough the film. The song at the beginning sounds very similar to the sort of soundtracks used in a war film, it does this to make the audience feel sad and to make them empathize with the characters. The sound track becomes more powerful and louder, this is to show the moment of disruption and the disequilibrium and when the real enemy is revealed. The end of the song allows the audience feel relieved and free, this is also combined with some more ominous noises to make you feel doubt at the same time. The soundtrack is perfect when making the audience feel certain emotions to suit the scene that is being viewed.

Far Cry 3 Soundtrack - 02. Heat is a song that suits a resolution scene perfectly as it builds up slowly and has an extended period where the story is allowed to progress with the music in the background. It also changes after the most powerful, and becomes more percussion based, this is useful as it can be played in a wide range of scenes. The song makes the audience feel like that this event is important and that there is conflict. It may also make you feel that there is progression in the story or that the main quest is complete.

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